Artistas 2017

Mr. Tartuffo
“Tug of War“
“The street is a fantastic place to perform. There you can make unique presentations” (Mr. Tartuffo) What if we set aside our obligations for a moment to help someone fulfill his dream? What if instead of thinking that there are impossible feats, we dare to conquer them? That is what Mr. Tartuffo has proposed: breaking the rules of balance. But to do so, he will need the help of the audience.”Tug of War” is a show that combines juggling, balancing, magic and comedy. A circus show that relies on improvisation and audience participation and with which the artist seeks to put into value the Machiavellian maxim that “never was anything great achieved without danger.” An unusual show that has traveled around the world and tells us about the limits we put ourselves daily, the challenges and about how these can be achieved if we get someone’s support.
Bilan, how he is known in the musical scene, is a musician and composer born on the island of São Vicente (Mindelo) in Cape Verde in 1981, but who already has about 20 years of experience as an author and an interpreter. Some of the ones who form his main rock of inspiration from the compositional and interpretative point of view, include Bau, Bana, Vasco Martins, Titina, Tubarões or Cesária Évora.
Lives exclusively on music and explains how the ‘rhythm’ and the use of mainly percussive instruments other than the chrodofones (equally percussive, all the more according to the way they are performed) is important in the search for a ‘sound’, ‘musicality’ and ‘identity’ in the music he plays, as well as the musicians he would meet in Lisboa and who ended up proving decisive in joining the first groups he joined in his musical journey.
Benjamin Delmas
Mr. Bang
Mr Bang, the terrorist of laughting!
He likes all that go BANG! Mr bang is the punky clown that bring the laught energy where ever he go!
He Born in france, he grow up in England and he travel all around the word! From Dubay to Sudafrica, Australia & India, south America & Italy…
He charm all the people with his absurd, psychedelik and post romantik skills, smoke ticks and explosive commedy.
Extraordinary characters , he know how to keep high the pubblic’s tension during all the show!
Mr bang’s mission will make you laught in the face of fear to make it desappear!
Rodrik is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has been dedicated since 2008 to the study and exploration of several exotic instruments from different parts of the world.
Didgeridoo, Bansuri, berimbau, guitar and varied percussions are some of the instruments explored in this path of constant search for new sonorities and musical languages.
Rodrik had contact the didgeridoo and the handpan in 2006, when he lived in Barcelona, and since that day he was fascinated by the peculiar and spatial sound coming from both instruments.
At the beginning of 2008, he began to learn to play didgeridoo in an autodidact manner, finding in it a strong form of expression, which inevitably intensified the relation with its musicality.
Since 2010, Rodrik has started his career as a performer, having performed in various festivals stages such as the Boom festival, Fatt, Didg.E.Vent Berlin, Luso Zen Festival, Festival Etnias / Ollin Kann, among many other events.
Apart from the stages, Rodrik has always shared his music in the streets of several European cities, believing that the root of the music comes from the conviviality of the people in the street.
In 2013, he was able to acquire his first Handpan and since then has been exploring the infinite musical possibilities that it offers.
A fusion of rhythm, melody and harmony made through a wonderful piece of crystalline sound metal, whose shape can easily be confused with a spaceship or even with a cataplana, in this case, a cataplana that cooks music.
Mimo Huenchulaf
“A Smile change your life “
In this show Huenchulaf tries to make time pass in a different way. That is why he plays in different ways with people in order to transform the public, vehicles, animals and every element that is in the place in his own travel companions. A travel to a world without fear or limits, where anything can happen.In the show the different disciplines of classical mime, contemporary mime, street mime, acrobatics and clowning are mixed. Elements and techniques of juggling and manipulation are also used. The intention is to improvise with the public and all objects that are available, making the show always in a new, fresh, different way.
Rui Cruz
“Le Espectacle Terrible”

“Le Spectacle Terrible” are 50 minutes of a magical experience where Reality confuses itself with the Imaginary.
In this entertaining and daring show there are no artist or public.
Rui invites all people in the audience to participate and to experience the Impossible and the Absurd.
Fulano 47
” Fulano 47 ”
Since 2001, Fulano47 has shaken the most shameless dance-floors all over Portugal, occasionally performing in other European cities like London, Athens, Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona, next to renowned international artists such as Tiga, James Holden, Joris Voorn or Samuel L. Session.
Stripped of any kind of decency, Fulano47′s sessions reach from the grooviness of Deep and Jazzy House to the constant pulsations of Tech House, Minimal and Techno. From the intimacy of the nightclub to thousands’ events like Neopop, Marés Vivas, Beach Street Festival (Greece) or Portugal Fashion, his original style and elegant technique keep pushing electronic dance music to new illuminating heights.