Catarina Mota
“ Chou! “ (Pt)
“The Chou (丑) is a male clown in Chinese Opera. The Chou usually plays a secondary role in a troupe. In fact, most studies of the Beijing Opera classify a Chou as having a minor role. Chou, in truth, means “ugly”. There is a belief that the combination of a clown’s ugliness and laughter wards off evil spirits.”
In this tale of poetic clowns, we discovered Diva Maria and her beautiful obsession for opera and its protagonists.
Diva Maria was born simply Maria, but believed that somewhere along the way, it would be her turn to shine, so she soon changed her name for when her time came.
In this tale we are overwhelmed by its silence and simplicity!
“La Rosa de Los Vientos” (Arg/Fr)
“La Rosa de Los Vientos” is an interactive show where humor and poetry invite the public to discover an imaginary world, that will delight both children and adults.
Produced by the company Zagreb, born from the collaboration between Torpeza Rítmika and Eric Tarantola. An intrepid clown who masters the Cyr wheel, accompanied by a one man orchestra of the modern times! Together, they originally combine the art of theater and circus, with live music. Torpeza Rítmika is an extravagant and sensitive clown who likes to play with the audience, surprising for her audacity and tricks that defy the laws of gravity. An acrobat dancer, she works the Cyr wheel with great elegance.
Da Cruz
“Da Cruz” Street Music Show (Pt)
“Da Cruz” is the pseudonym of David Cruz, actor, musician, professional of the Performing Arts, since 1991, as well as founding member and current director of Encerrado para Obras.
A single-man orchestra in Portugal, this multifaceted artist puts on an amazing show where he plays, while in movement, a total of 17 instruments.
On his back he carries drums and various percussion instruments that he plays with his feet, elbows and wrists. On his shoulders he holds several wind instruments (harmonicas, kazoos, flutes) and a guitar that he plays with mastery. Finally his versatile tuned voice, powerful and inspired, leaves no one indifferent.
Diogo Duro
“Click to Click “ (Pt)
From a suitcase, different characters emerge, all friendly and playful.
A traveling comedian pleases the audience with fun games.
In a show where the main actor is the public and where everything and anything can happen.
A show for street, gardens and squares.
Circus, music and smiles for all ages.
Eric Tarantola
“Entourloop“ (Fr)
Eric Tarantola is not just a musician, but also a one man orchestra. With his magic and sophisticated music box, Eric mixes different styles and influences that transport the audience to fantastic worlds.
“FFFFF” (It/Pt)
“FFFFF is a collective of musicians who come from Italy, France, Jamaica and Argentina.
Their repertoire comes from South America, Africa, central Europe and Eastern Europe.
The proposal is dance music, music for the feet!
Bring your most resistant shoes! “
Lady White
Miss Cartoonette (Pt)
Miss Cartoonette escaped from a drawing into the real world. A very lively character who captivates the audience with her appearence and good humor. She promises moments of spontaneous entertainment, surprises and lots of laughs with her peculiar genius.
Luca Bellezze
“MelaFilo” (It)
Hanging threads, appearing threads, changing threads.
A man plays with a thread and gets fascinated: he looks for it, unwinds it and tells his history.
In his hand, a cotton candy becomes a very long thread that never ceases to surprise: turns into a boat and finally the connection with the music that the man has swallowed.
It is the thread that joins him and the audience together, the thread that connects one person to another, a visible thread that talks about the invisible: a way to get away from this asphalted third dimension; the thread to lose the thread.
Melafilo is a moment of breath, where wishes come true, a gate that opens.
Live music, clowns and magic are the ways by which he embroiders smiles and applauses that he did not expect in the beginning.
Silent, delicate, without words.
Simple objects, because be touched is simple.
The pleasure to be on stage and share the time with the audience.
A work about habits and their limitations.
About the importance of the energy level during daily life.
“Amami” (It)
“Amami!” is simply a love story.
Amelio Pelò, although, in his opinion, has a bewitching charm, unique sensuality, muscles that can break any kind of material, is a lonely man.
Like every lonely person, all he needs is love.
That’s why Amelio Pelò goes down the street, well dressed up, carrying his trunk of odds and ends, to find and seduce an eventual soul mate.
In the street he plays, he jokes, he has fun, makes new friends and, as it sometimes happens, he falls in love.
They say that love is blind and hope springs eternal.
Usually the results of his flirt techniques are amazing or hilarious, touching and occasionally just pathetic.
Let us hope.
Mica Paprika
“Paprika Gourmet” (Pt)
Paprika Gourmet is a restaurant commanded by the eccentric Chef Paprika who seasons his exotic recipes with magic, balancing acts, object manipulation and humor, peppered with audience participation. A show for all ages.
“NaniRossi Show” (It)
NaniRossi is an Italian delightful duo , skilled in hand to hand, balancing and juggling . In their show, technique and entertainment brought together by an eccentric sense of humor. “NaniRossi Show” has no barriers between the artist and the audience, between magic and reality.
Everything is possible when Rodrigo and Josephina arrive…
Ola Muchin
“Kukuryku” (Pl)
World-renowned magician Osvaldo Drevno surprises the audience with his outlandish and incredible illusions. This unconventional artist, instead of having an ordinary assistant, develops his tricks with the help of a chicken and other characters who appear in surprising circumstances.
His magic is so unpredictable that sometimes even Osvaldo doesn ́t know how it will end.
The numbers of this unique and charismatic illusionist create comic moments, suitable for all kind of audiences. The fantastic atmosphere of this work is enriched by the nature of the puppets that are made of felt and handbuilt by the manipulator and actress Ola Muchin.
Street Music Show (Pt)
RodrikRodrik is a multi-instrumentalist musician who, since 2008, has dedicated his time to the study and exploration of various exotic instruments from different parts of the world.
Didgeridoo, Bansuri, berimbau, guitar and percussions are some of the instruments explored in this path in the constant search for new sounds and musical languages.
Rodrik discovered the didgeridoo and handpan in 2006 while living in Barcelona and, since that day, became fascinated by the peculiar and spatial sound from both instruments.
At the start of 2008 he taught himself how to play the didgeridoo, discovering a strong form of expression, which inevitably intensified his relationship with musicality.
Since 2010 Rodrik began his journey as a performer, having played in various stages of festivals such as the Boom Festival, Fatt, Didg.E.Vent Berlin, Luso Zen Festival, Ethnicities / Ollin Kann, among many other events.
In addition to other stages, Rodrik has always shared his music in several European city streets, believing that the music originates from the contact of the people living on a specific street.
In 2013, he bought his first Handpan and since then has been exploring the endless musical possibilities it offers.
A fusion of rhythm, melody and harmony made through a wonderful piece of crystal clear sound of metal, whose shape can easily be confused with a spaceship or even with a cataplana. In this case, a cataplana that cooks music.
Stefano Bottai
Coming from the Far East (Italy), we present the fabulous Dakkan baba, master of surreal asceticism. He faces death with laughter, but runs away scared from lizards and spiders. He dominates the past and the present and the future, but it is a disaster in the participles. He presents in your square his show full of deadly numbers, disarmingly humor and sexy dances.